Symmetry Is Overrated

Gena Mills 7        6-12-10True or False?  The groom should have as many groomsmen as the bride has bridesmaids—keeping the sides equal.   BIGTIME FALSE!  We are seeing a refreshing trend in which brides and grooms choose only their very best and closest friends and/or family members to stand with them at the wedding–regardless of how many attendants their counterpart chooses.  Let’s suppose you, The Bride, have 3 super BFFs, but your groom wants to have 5 groomsmen. This could put you in a bad situation on many levels if you feel you MUST choose 2 more bridesmaids to “even things out.” Think of the extra expense incurred, and the possibility of hurt feelings/drama when you choose among remaining friends. (You know what I mean!) The same is true in the reverse–suppose you ask seven friends to be your attendants, but your groom would really prefer to have only his best friend and his brother.

Not to worry!  When the number of attendants is uneven, the wedding still progresses perfectly!  It is absolutely fine for a bridesmaid to walk alone, or for a bridesmaid to walk with two groomsmen, or for groomsmen to walk alone, or for everyone to walk single-file……. or any other imaginable scenario.  It actually adds interest and uniqueness to the wedding, and your guests will think it’s modern and cool!!


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