Monica Seawright 8    7-31-10So the wonderful wedding celebration is drawing to an end, and the happy couple is ready to make their final wedding statement—The Grand Exit!  The crowd of well-wishers gathers outside to cheer them on to their new life.   This age old tradition is still one of the most important and beloved parts of the celebration.  In times past, guests would throw rice—a symbol of fertility.  Then the era of showering the couple with bird seed came (and went.) And let’s not forget that confetti has been used lavishly in the past.

 Presently we have several popular choices.  Most of the brides at our wedding chapel choose bubbles, so each guest is given a bottle of bubbles. The young and the old alike really get into the bubble blowing—it seems to bring out the inner child in everyone. The couple passes through a beautiful cloud of bubbles to reach their get-away vehicle.  This makes for some really gorgeous pictures—ethereal with a touch of whimsy! 

Another popular farewell favorite is sparklers.  The bride and groom run through a gauntlet of fiery sparks, and again, the guests enjoy it and the pictures are phenomenal. A caveat to sparklers:  Be certain that nearby foliage is not too dry (a grass fire would NOT be an elegant ending to a great event.) One of our brides actually hired a professional to do a fireworks display. Oooooo!  Ahhhhhh! 

Other brave couples have supplied silly string, or brightly colored crepe paper streamers to unfurl, flags to wave, ribbon streamers, or small bells to ring.

We have also had balloons released at daytime weddings—wedding colors, of course. Another bride had guests release lighted balloons (battery powered) at night—a gently floating rainbow of color.  And yet another had guests release white Chinese lanterns with tiny candles inside—glorious in the night sky! However, it should be noted that “what goes up must come down,” so those balloons and lanterns eventually become litter and must be picked up. (Think green.)

So picture yourself doing The Grand Exit!  Choose something fun and pretty–the possibilities are many, the crowd loves it, and the pictures will be cherished!


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