Wedding DOG BLOG

Morgan Jones 1  6-3-12 pinMany couples like to include their Four-Legged Child in their wedding, and that can be a wonderful idea!  There are several things to consider before involving your precious dog in your nuptial festivities. Will the crowd make your dog nervous or agitated?  Does he bark at the slightest provocation?  If he is the calm, obedient type, well, he just might be the perfect ring-bearer or best man! If you don’t think he will be able to endure the entire event, then you might consider having him present for just the ceremony and picture taking.

Will your pet tolerate wedding attire?  A dog in a bow tie….or veil…or top hat…or tulle skirt…or flowered wreath is so very adorable! If your dog is the ring-bearer, the ring can be tied to a fancy collar.    We have even placed well-behaved dogs in our white wagon to be pulled up the aisle–amid the ooohs and aaahs of the guests, I might add! 

We have had several canines serve as members of bridal parties—and with great success!  Some tips:  Be sure to have someone designated as the dog handler. This kind person will transport the pet to and from the wedding and take care of him during the evening, leaving the bride and groom free to enjoy their celebration.  Bring treats and a bowl for fresh water.  Bring the dog to the rehearsal so that the venue will be more familiar and less foreboding on the wedding day. If he is dressing in any kind of wedding attire, be sure he spends some time prior to the wedding getting used to wearing  his fancy duds.

  Just use your imagination to make your precious pet an unforgettable (in a good way) “Wedding Accessory.”


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