The August Slow-down….Really?

 Arbuckle Wedding Chapel         August 9, 2013

Ahhh, the Dog Days of August—the days when we Okies melt into the pavement like wax on a muffler.  Normally, this is a slow wedding month.   Let’s face it:  Most brides who want a summertime wedding will choose June or July.  However, we have a few tough gals—crazed by love—who brave the heat and set the date for August.

So what other Dog Days activities go on here at the wedding chapel?  Well, we have done some painting, and cleaned all the reception chairs.  We’ve washed and pressed countless chair covers (well, it seemed like “countless.”) We’ve organized storage rooms and shelves, and thrown away things we don’t use anymore. Did I mention the never-ending grass/plant watering? We’ve researched new outdoor and indoor wedding ideas and new menu options.  I’ve actually had time to make lovely new pew bows and some great burlap table runners for my brides to use.  And we have added several VINTAGE items—so many of our brides love that rustic, vintage, ranchy combo look!

Add the above activities, throw in a few weddings, and you’ll see that even in August there is always something to do here—and I LIKE IT LIKE THAT!Image


2 thoughts on “The August Slow-down….Really?

  1. Very cool, Joan! Love your new blog… I’m glad you are enjoying your chapel and your wedding planning. Looks like a lot of fun, too. I really enjoy seeing the pics here on FB. 🙂

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