Attending  Bridal Fairs is soooo much fun—you simply must!  Take you besties and your mom and maybe even you groom and have a blast.  Here are some tips to get the most from the event:

*Register online if possible. Tickets are usually discounted if you register early.  If not, register as soon as you arrive.  You don’t want to miss out on having your name drawn for the first door prize!

*Make stickers with you name, address, email address, phone number, and wedding date. These handy little stickers will save you valuable time when you sign-up at various vendors’ booths for “give-aways.”

*Most bridal fairs will give you a BRIDE badge to wear.  Be sure yours is visible—you’ll get more attention from vendors if they can identify you as a bride.

*Take a note pad and pen.  You will want to write down some of your favorite vendors, ideas, and inspirations.  It would be great if your Maid of Honor would honor you by being your “secretary for the day” — jotting down all the notes for you.

*If the fair is crowded, make notes of which vendors you want to circle back to visit. The peak crowd is usually for the first half of the show.  Many brides leave after the fashion show, so vendors are more easily accessible later in the afternoon.  Make sure you have websites and addresses of those vendors that you don’t get to visit with so that you can talk to them later in the week.

*Dress comfortably!  Wear shoes that are made for walking because you will do a lot of walking and standing over a 3 to 4 hour period.  Of course, you can keep up your strength by sampling the available cakes, dipped berries, punch, pastries, fruits, etc.

*Some vendors will offer special prices for the day of the show.  Take advantage of this if you are absolutely sure that you plan to use that particular vendor’s services.  Many vendors will extend that same special later in the week if you ask for a little extra time to examine your budget and make a decision. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

*Some bridal fairs will give you a large tote bag, and you will definitely need it!  To be on the safe side, take a light-weight tote of your own just in case.  

*It would be great if your fiancé could attend at least part of the fair.  He would be interested in the tux vendors and the fashion show, which includes tuxedo styles.  He will also have a better appreciation of all that is involved in planning a wedding.

*Enjoy the day, network with other bride, have an open mind for new ideas, take a few goofy pictures in the photo booth, and be careful about signing any contract under pressure. Plan to go out to dinner afterwards and debrief/brainstorm with those who attended with you.  Who knows what kind of inspired visions might spring to the surface!Image


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