About Joan B

After many years as an educator, I (with the help of my husband) built and now operate a gorgeous, elegant wedding/reception venue in the Arbuckle Mountain Recreation Area of southern Oklahoma. Wow! I love it! It's a whole new world! There is something so magical about being around happy people on their special day. I will be blogging random wedding thoughts, and hope you will respond with ideas, perspectives, and experiences.

Bridesmen and Groomsmaids

Heather Wells    5-26-12 (2) bbThoughts about your wedding:
A more recent trend for the bridal party  is for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to step across the gender line. Yes, you can have your brother, or favorite male cousin, or close male friend stand with you, while your groom can certainly have a female in his lineup!  There is even terminology for these attendants—Groomsmaids and Bridesmen.  It would be an awesome thing to have a Bridesman standing among your bridesmaids!

The same logic also applies for the wedding children.  Why can’t a little girl carry the ring pillow?  A boy could easily deposit petals in the aisle—not from a frilly basket, of course—but possibly from a wooden box, or a large seashell, or a top hat.  (All quite manly!)  Or how about a beautiful monogrammed banner or sign carried by either a boy or girl, or both together?

The above defies tradition, but enables you to choose the people you love the most to be a part of your bridal party—regardless of gender.


Just Bloggin’

So….I decided to start blogging–a novice blogger indeed!  WHAT?  A blog has to have a name, you say?  Who knew!  I contemplated “Joan’s Jabber” or “My Blog Blab” or “News of I Do’s” or “Matrimonial Musings.”  Or how about “Nuptial Notations?”  Or maybe “Bridal Bell Bulletin?”  After some consideration (obviously not considerable consideration) I decided on “Wedding Chapel Chatter.”

I’ll be writing about day-to-day life here in the wedding chapel.  Things happen here….sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, always interesting, and always overshadowed with joy.  After tonight’s wedding rehearsal, I thougt about how foutunate I am to be involved with couples, young and not-so-young, who are beginning this great adventure called .

Ritzy Ranch–from the Inside Out

Would you agree that fashions and trends arrive on the east/west coasts and move (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly) to the interior of our country?  Well, southern Oklahoma has jumped ahead of the latest trend in weddings!  Yes, we were there when the “edge was cut” and now our trend has moved outward to the coasts! 

Let me explain:  As owner of a wedding/reception venue in southern Oklahoma, I recently attended a national conference for wedding professionals (WMBA) in Las Vegas.  The attendees learned that there are three distinct new wedding trends—one of which has been named the Ritzy Ranch.  Well, can I just tell you that we “wrote the book” on this trend!  I shout Hooray for our brides and grooms in cowboy boots, for southern comfort wedding foods, for fancy-dancy two-steppin’, for warm, inviting tables graced with woodsy foliage in rustic containers, and for crystal chandeliers glowing softly on the patina of old silver.  We KNOW our Ritzy Ranch—it’s who we are!!